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When The Outsides Match the Insides

When you’re watching a movie, do you ever notice what’s happening with the weather?  Have you ever noticed how it is always raining whenever there is a break-up scene in a movie?  And usually, the couple is standing in the rain, getting soaked?  Or in  suspenseful dramatic movie, or horror film, there is always wind and thunder, the sky is dark, no matter what time of day it is…

The Notebook: Kissing in the Rain (photo credit: Google Images)

Or maybe, like this scene in The Notebook, the rain makes you feel like the love and emotion is so much more raw… so much more needed, intense, desirable… Would you feel differently about what’s happening in this picture if the sun was shining, if they were dry and their hair was all perfectly in place?

I don’t really remember what this technique is called (I know there’s a name for it, I learned about it once) but I know it is done on purpose.  Otherwise, how can you elicit any meaningful type of empathy or emotion in the audience?  Can you really feel bad for a couple who are fighting and breaking off their amazing, intense romance when they are on some beautiful Bahamian beach with waves crashing and palm trees gently swaying in the background.  I know I wouldn’t… I’d think: “they should be happy to be there!”

Outside the hospital, on my way to study.
Outside the hospital, on my way to study.

This morning as I walked to the hospital, I was thinking about how I’m feeling.  I am almost halfway through my final exams, I am deflated and exhausted, I have no sense of humor, and I just want a vacation from my life.  On this short walk, I started looking around.  It’s very cold outside and I can see my breath. Everything is frozen in its place, the snow is crispy crunchy beneath my feet.  It is 8:30 in the morning and the sun is barely up… its probably going to be dark and dismal all day.  It got me thinking about how perfectly the outside weather matches my inside attitude.  So much like what happens in the movies.

I thought, how perfect… I’m dead and frozen inside.  Nothing is moving, there is no hope, just hope to pass my exams that I don’t really care that much about anyway.  It’s dead and frozen outside too.  No one wants to be out here… I sure as hell don’t!  There is no better time to be depressed and stressed and without hope, except in the dead middle of winter!

But then I stopped.  I stopped walking and I stopped thinking.  I just stopped and stared.  And then I took a picture.  In this cold and frozen abyss, there is actually some beauty.  Everything is frozen, but it’s frozen in beauty.  The trees are missing their leaves, but they stand naked and strong and beautiful.  The snow is piled high, but it’s white.  And pure.  And beautiful.

At this moment I thought again about the movies; how the outsides are made to match the insides.  I thought about how, just a moment before ,I was lamenting the weather and thinking of how it perfectly characterized my mood and my emotions.  And then I realized the beauty around me… the beauty I was just lamenting.

I figured that if the outsides match the insides, and the outside is this beautiful despite the cold and dismal weather, my insides must be just as breathtaking, even now.

15 thoughts on “When The Outsides Match the Insides

    1. Ah! Yes! Thanks! I remember now… And it’t kind of ironic: Pathetic as in “relating to Pathos,” but also just pathetic, in general?


  1. Nice post. It’s cool how your perspective changed.
    Btw, I have noticed that about movies.
    When I imagine things that I have to do, I almost always imagine sunny days. Maybe, that means I am optimistic or maybe, I just can’t picture rain.


    1. I agree! And, if I had a lot of things planned for a day, and then the weather is bad, I don’t want to do it anymore, regardless of how excited I was to do them. It;s kind of sad to think I let this happen…


  2. This is one of the reasons I love you. You are not only a terrific writer, but the emotions you convey through your writing are powerful. This writing can stand alone without images and also maintain it’s strength in beauty alone with images. Bet you’re kicking ass in these exams! It must be hell being as exhausted and tired as you re, but it will be so worth it!

    PS. I love that photo you took. Almost makes me miss having a snowy winter. 🙂


    1. Thanks for your compliments, Babe.

      Please, don’t ever say you miss a snowy winter… I took this picture this morning, and then it snowed all day… even more snow!


      1. Yeah watching Grey’s and Yang walks out to her car which is under a huge mound of snow… I died a little inside when I saw that. I’d have to be rich and hire someone to dig my car out. Lol God forbid I’d have to learn how to do so myself. 😉


  3. Beautiful post. I think anything we focus on suddenly seems to be everywhere. When we’re happy the sun seems that much brighter. When we’re gloomy, we are in that sad state of mind to actually notice the dark clouds. It’s refreshing that you caught yourself, realized that the outside doesn’t tell us who to be!


    1. Thanks! I think you’re right: we let our mood cloud our judgement on everything. In a few days I’ll be happier and I’m sure everything will look lovely, without me having to even try to see it!


  4. “the snow is crispy crunchy beneath my feet” I love how you phrased this. It just started snowing in Holland and when I walked outside I had to think of your post. It’s such a lovely feeling.

    You’re post is absolutely beautiful. I always find it interesting how at times, without being aware, we stop and drink in the world around us. As if some mechanism inside us wants us to let us know there is beauty in this mad mad world. 🙂


    1. Thanks! I love nature. I love everything about it and there is no better place to go when you need to relax and reflect on life!


  5. I really liked your post. There does seem to be this strong connection between the weather – something uncontrollable and completely external – and internal moods or feelings. The connection is brought out and manipulated to an extreme extent in film, where they’ll use anything in their power to elicit in the viewer the kinds of emotions they want him/her to experience.
    I live in Orange County, where it has been (at least for these past few months of overly extended summer) unceasingly sunny and warm… and it’s only just now starting to go below 70. (It’s December for crying out loud). I know most people would say to stop complaining about beautiful weather, which I totally get, but at the same time, there’s almost this oppressive pressure to constantly match your mood to the weather, to feel eternally sunny and happy. On bad days, I just look at that damn sun and think “Why won’t you give me a break and RAIN so I don’t have to feel so guilty and judged for my negativity!!”
    Let’s just say, if I were the cinematic director of my life – Truman Show style – it would have rained many more times since June.


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