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Studying is bad for the Visa

It’s only lunch time and I’ve already hit up my visa for over $100.  Online shopping… while I should be studying.

That’s what an entire morning of looking at chanchroid and ulcerated penises will do to you.  Oh, and also, a triple shot salted caramel mocha.  That has been my morning!

Cute Hat #1

What did I buy, you ask? Well, I found some cute little hats (I was just commenting this morning that I need some hats to wear on those days that I just don’t feel like doing my hair… much like today).   Seeing has how DH hates Christmas shopping, I figure these little hats would be perfect stocking stuffers for myself.  After all, Santa has to put something in Mommy’s stocking, too, right?

Cute Hat #2

I also treated myself to my “congratulations on finishing exams” gift: 3 massages for $80 on groupon!  If I’m lucky enough, I will use all 3 massages within the 10 days following my last exam, before we head back “home” for the Christmas mayhem!

I should emphasize, as well, that this online shopping only took about 5 minutes.  Don’t worry, I haven’t been slacking off too bad!  Either that, or I’ve become very efficient at online shopping while I’m supposed to be doings school work.  Yes.  I am sure that it real reason – I have my credit card number memorized, and I am a customer at many online merchants… where my shipping and billing information is already saved…  Yes, very efficient online shopper!

Anyway, back to ulcered genitals and neonatal sepsis. (Strange combo, I know.  I didn’t organize the class).  Stay tuned for more of my crazy studying antics over the next 10 days!

5 thoughts on “Studying is bad for the Visa

  1. Where did you get those hats? So adorable and I really am kind of obsessed with winter hats. Also, I’m struggling with finishing a paper right now. It’s so hard, because the internet is RIGHT BEHIND my document … and it’s so distracting.


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