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30 Days of Cranky

Today is November 30, the last official day for NaBloPoMo.  I decided to participate in the challenge to blog every day for a month for two reasons: (1) I had only started this blog a week prior and I wanted to get it rolling, and (2) I was worried that I’d have nothing to say, so I wanted to a reason to force myself to get inside my own head.

Giraffe Charm

Today, 30 days later, I can confidently say that being cranky has paid off in more ways than I ever imagined!  Not only have both my initial goals been met, but I feel like a completely different person than I was 30 days ago.  Here’s why:

1. I’ve been able to say exactly what I want to say, when I want to say it, without fear of judgement.

2. I’ve had a safe place to go and “hang out” when I needed to get away from my hectic life; this has, thankfully, allowed me to survive a time that I was ready to give up on.

3. I shared something about myself that I’ve never before had the courage to do.  And what do you know, it got my blog Freshly Pressed!

4. I’ve made some great new “friends.”  I might not know who they are and I probably never will, but I know more about them than I do about most of my “real friends.” (More about this later)

5. I have discovered that people out there care about me.  They care about what I have to say, they think I have important things to say, they think I’m funny, they think I’m courageous, they think I’m strong… the list of personal comments I’ve received from my readers is immense.  In fact, just today, on the last day of NaBloPoMo, I was informed that 100 people (whom I don’t know) find me interesting enough to hear what I have to say on a regular basis!  Thank-you!

It is amazing what a community of “strangers” can do for a person.  In a month, I’ve built up my self-confidence, I feel strong, and I feel important.  These are feelings I haven’t had in a long time, if ever – and it’s because of blogging!

After blogging daily for 30 days, you’d think I’d have run out of ideas to blog about. However, my brain is full of ideas and thoughts that I want to share with my new blogging community!  I could blog all day, if I had nothing else to do.  (You can all thank my exams for that!!!)  But in the coming weeks, probably after my last exam, I have some great post topics hat will make their appearance.  Here is a short list…

1. Why a Giraffe?

2. Thoughts on my favorite poem.

3. Anxiety, or not?

4. Formal acceptance of the three (3!!!) blogging awards that I’ve received in the recent days!

This last topic brings me back to my comment above about my new blogging friends and how they’ve impacted me.  Combat Babe was kind and generous enough to nominate me for two awards, the Liebster Blog award, and the Sunshine Blog award.  Prego and the Loon also just bestowed upon me the Reader Appreciation award, which I am also extremely grateful for!  I am so, unbelievably elated to receive such recognition from my fellow bloggers and I am SO sorry that I haven’t had the opportunity to formally accept them.  I have a few reasons for delaying my formal acceptance: First, I want to answer my questions thoughtfully.  Second, I want to come up with interesting, fun questions for the people I nominate.  Third, I want to spend some time looking over the blogs of the people I follow (and some other, new blogs) to make sure I nominate new recipients appropriately.  And, finally, I have final exams to write, so until those are over, I can’t dedicate the necessary amount of thought to all those tasks!  I hope you will understand!

And with that, I will officially conclude my participation in NaBloPoMo.  It has been wonderful!  And while I may not continue to blog everyday (at least for the next 10, while I attempt to just keep myself from drowning), I will always have a reason to come and be cranky!

One thought on “30 Days of Cranky

  1. You deserve them all and more. I am so glad we are on this journey of blogging and getting to know each other.
    PS. Study! lol xo. I hope after exams you continue to post often. I love reading your posts.


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