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It Comes With The Territory

My husband is currently freaking out because the furnace won’t come on.  He’s even more upset that I don’t seem concerned about the situation.  Yes, I realize that it’s -20 outside (that’s Celsius…) and that the house will slowly cool off overnight.  But, what am I supposed to do about it?  I’m baking cookies… doesn’t that do something?  Warm the house with the stove?  (And, yes, I’m supposed to be studying, but the kids were still awake when I started baking)

My solution to the whole furnace problem: turn on the gas fireplace for the rest of the night, then load up on blankets overnight, throw a few extra blankets on the kids, and call some people in the morning.

My husband, however; he’s freaking out…  random rants and proclamations, with more than the requisite number of curses and swears.  On the phone with his dad.  On the phone with our builder (our house is only about 16 months old).  Running inside and out, trying this thing and that. (Geez, honey, don’t let all the heat out of the house…)  And he says, “we have kids in the house!  I don’t think you appreciate the gravity of this situation!”

Again, it’s 9pm, everything is closed and everyone is at home.  What good is freaking out going to do at this point?  Maybe it’s because I can’t handle anything else going wrong right now?  My stress reserve is gone.  Obliterated.  I am beyond over-exhausted, and everything gives me a stomach ache.  Oh, and I lost another 3.5 pounds this week… no effort except stress.

I guess, being the man, protecting his family, over-reacting (or is this normal reacting?) about the real and present possibility that we will freeze to death overnight?  Does that come with the territory of being “man of the house?”

It must… I guess I should be celebrating the fact that I have a husband who takes his role so seriously; A husband who worries about the well-being of his family.  And, I guess I should stop blogging and get back to studying, before this wonderful husband of mine accuses me, again, of not “taking this seriously.”

11 thoughts on “It Comes With The Territory

  1. Meh…maybe he’s worried the pipes will freeze nevermind the kids! lol…j/k. Baking does indeed count toward heating the house. I don’t bother with the furnace even when its snowing because I prefer having a fire. It heats the two rooms I use (out of 12!) and blankets at night.

    Its cold? Tell him you broke the furnace on purpose so he’d be sure and snuggle with you tonight to keep you warm *wink*.


    1. Haha! I never thought about the pipes! See, that’s why it’s a man’s job.

      As for cuddling to stay warm, I think my husband is scared of me right now… a week before exams start is not a time to be canoodling me!!!


  2. I love, love, love, you. Your house is a baby! That’s not why. I just find you hilarious and I find it highly endearing that your husband is a little neurotic. “We have kids…!!” Heheheh cute.


    1. Haha… I wish I saw it as cute, when he’s yelling it at me! Yes, dear, I realize we have kids… where do you think they came from? See this baby pouch, yes, that’s where they came from… and want to see another reminder of “where they came from???”

      I’m so happy you enjoy my posts!


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