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On Being Freshly Pressed…

When I started this blog, a short 3 weeks ago, my intention was to create a place where I could come and say anything that was on my mind, without fear of judgement.  I have always felt like the emotions and ideas that float around in my head are meaningful and important, but that no one would ever care to hear what I have to say.  I looked over other blogs, especially those that were featured on Freshly Pressed, and I longed to have something important or interesting enough to say that would draw the attention of hundreds of people.  I never believed it would actually happen!

I have another blog that I run as the “real” me.  It is a place where I give updates on  school and my kids, and I post pictures and G-rated stories of my life.  It is all very superficial.  The only people who read that blog are my family and “friends” who only go there when I link to a new entry via facebook.  Unfortunately, I never felt like I was saying what I really wanted to say – and so The Cranky Giraffe was born.

In 3 weeks, I have written more about myself than I ever have before.  People whom I don’t know, and who don’t know me, have given me compliments and have comforted me in ways I never thought possible.  In the past 24 hours, since being Freshly Pressed, I have had more visitors to this blog that I have ever had in the 2 years that my other blog has existed.

I am so thankful to this blogging community for your support and connectedness.  Your comments are thoughtful and inspiring and they have become the motivation and therapy I need to keep myself going.  I have never thought that what I have to say is very important, or that anyone would care.  However, the Freshly Pressed experience is starting to change all that: Obviously what I wrote was inspiring and powerful enough to catch the attention of the wordpress editors, and there has been no shortage of support and kind words from the rest of the wordpress community.  I am inspired to keep pouring out my feelings as the Cranky Giraffe, because it appears that this, hidden, inside aspect of me is so much more real and desirable than the person I purport to be on a daily basis.  I get the feeling that many bloggers on this site might feel the same way!

Thanks to all of you for your support, your likes, your comments, and for being courageous enough, like me, tolet your insides show!

13 thoughts on “On Being Freshly Pressed…

    1. Thanks Rose! Don’t underestimate the role you’ve played in my “fame.” You’re one of the first people to ever leave a meaningful comment on my blog and that meant a lot to me! Your blog is also a huge inspiration for how to “let it all out.”


  1. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    It’s great that you’re finding comfort through the words of others. That’s one things blogs are great for. I think a lot of people fear connecting to others on a deep level because they don’t want to risk vulnerability by exposing their “true” selves. We all need to find some outlet for sharing who we really are and what we’re really going through and we ALL have something we’re scared of sharing, whether or not we want to admit it. You’re very brave 🙂


    1. Thanks, Amanda! You have described me to a “T.” (I’ve never really understood that statement, but it’s applicable here, nonetheless!


    1. Thanks for your comment! I’ve never been a fan of my own writing, but then again I am over critical of myself, to a fault! 😉



  2. It’s amazing how honest we can be when we think that no-one we know is listening. It’s like we’re tied by these shackles of what other people will think of us and how they will react. And when we break free it feels so good that we wonder how we ever survived without it. I totally understand what you’re saying. Been there, done that. All though I haven’t totally broken free of these shackles.
    Btw, I always love what you have to say and the way you say it. 🙂


    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy reading what goes on in my head. Honestly, I got most of my followers on the day I was freshly pressed… I’ve had a few more trickle in since then… I’d say mostly because I post every day, and I comment often…


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