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Procrastination Productivity

It’s Friday afternoon and I just can’t work anymore.  For about 3 hours, I’ve been trying to write a paper on the occupational safety hazards at my local water treatment plant.  Why, you ask?  I don’t know.  If you can figure out why I need to write this paper, please let me know.

Anyway, I’ve written about 5 words towards this essay.  Meanwhile, I’ve checked facebook about 50 times, I’ve spent a good portion of time surfing blogs, I’ve scrounged up some free snacks leftover from a conference that took place down the hall,  and I’ve had quite the lovely conversation with my office mates – mostly about how much work we have to do and how badly we don’t want to do it.  As you can see, I am Winning at Procrastinating!  And, to make the winning even better, I am actually getting nothing meaningful accomplished.  I could actually be putting off this stupid paper to do something useful (like study for the 6 exams I have coming up in 3 weeks), but instead I’m doing nothing of the sort!  I will probably keep up the procrastination until I go home, and then all evening until my kids are in bed.  Then, I might sit down and try to hammer out more of this paper.  But, probably not.  I predict this awesome procrastination attitude will spill into a good portion of my weekend, as well.

This whole procrastination situation is quite sad, really.  I usually do get quite a bit of “stuff” done when I’m purposely putting off a specific task.  For once, unfortunately, I have no emails to respond to, no people to get in touch with, no errands to run, and I’m still at the hospital, so I can’t even lay down and take a nap!  This blog post is now the only productive thing I’ve done all afternoon (and some people might not even call blogging productive)!  I guess I can kick my heels up on that!  I will go home tonight and crack open a bottle of wine to celebrate my  “not a complete waste of a day” (while I, of course, put off writing my paper even longer).

(As a side note, a huge contributing factor to my desire to procrastinate is the fact that I have been FreshlyPressed!  I am in such disbelief and I am so humbled!  I am enjoying reading all the comments left by new bloggers who are checking me out, as well as checking out some of the people who have shown interest in me. Thanks!) 

8 thoughts on “Procrastination Productivity

  1. Yay! Congrats about being Freshly Pressed. That is no minor accomplishment and will definitely work towards taking the edge of the guilt of a procrastination full day (I usually have tons of those so I know what they feel like).


    1. I usually don’t feel too bad about procrastination, except when I procrastinate when I’m at school. I use that time away from my kids to get as much done as I can. Now, I have to spend time away from them over the weekend just so I can get this paper done! I will be sad about it tomorrow! As you can see, I’m still “procrastinating.”


  2. Check YOU out! Freshly Pressed! Wowie!!!! Congrats and good for you! as to this “occupational safety hazards at your local water treatment plant” essay/paper or whatever…REALLY?! It sounds terribly boring. To write about it, well I would procrastinate writing until it was overdue. I would ask, is there something else I can write on because the topic bores me to tears. In fact I’m checking FB in my procrastination in writing on such a boring topic….can I write about procrastination instead? Please? lol!!!! Good luck with that!


    1. Believe me, it is horrible! I am lucky that (a) all my classmates agree with be, and (b) the mark is pass/fail – so I can write a bunch of verbal diarrhea and spit out enough crap to at least get a passing mark!


  3. Congratulations Freshly Pressed! Cheers to you and open that bottle of wine. I enjoyed your take on procrastination…..I’m glad I’m not alone! Soooo, even the Freshly Pressed procrastinate? Hmmm, there’s hope for me, too.


    1. Thanks!

      To tell you the truth, blogging is usually what I do when I need an excuse to procrastinate. I have plenty of “important” stuff to do that I could never be bored for the next 5 years!

      As for my freshly pressed post, I was so caught off-guard about it! Sometimes I sit down and put lots of time perfectionism into a post because I hope it will catch someone’s eye. The post that got pressed, however, I wrote it on the fly. But it was raw, it’s been in my head for years, never ever shared before – I guess it just needed to get out and it knew how to do it effectively! I guess what I’m trying to say is that recognition will come when you least expect it!



      1. ….and yet another great blog! That’s a great story and I hear you about the perfectionism. So, maybe it’s about time those other stories in your head hit the press….and get you even more freshly pressed recognition. Excellent, excellent post and comment. You are off and running….keep it going!


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