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The Friday That Feels Like Monday

Yup.  Thats my day…

It all started with my baby enrobing me with baby puke… around my neck… in my hair… down my chest… on the bed.  I wasn’t planning on showering this morning, so I woke up a little later.  Instantly, I was running late.

Out the door in a flurry… only 10 minutes late.  Not so bad.

Then I got a text from my sister.  She was supposed to come visit us from out of town this weekend and I was so, unbelievably excited.  Sadly, there was a “snow stom” where she lives, and said storm is headed our way.  We both decided that it really wasn’t worth the risk for her to drive 6+ hours in wintery road conditions just for a visit.  I was sort of expecting this news, but I was hoping the forecast was going to be wrong.

I had planned to do some Christmas baking with her and have her help us set up our Christmas tree – I know… too early… But for the last 2 years we didn’t set up a tree because we were so busy with me studying and being pregnant… and we go out of town for Christmas anyway.  This year, however, my oldest son is two-and-a-half, and I know he’ll love it.

My sister was also going to help me clean my house.  She’s a neat freak.  I’m not.  You should see what my house looks like…  Anyway, that issue is worthy of its own blog post.  Now, instead of baking, Christmas decorating, and cleaning, I have no excuse to not study.

Study.  Fudge.  I hate studying.  I have final exams starting in three weeks… six exams in eight days (that includes a weekend).  The last of the six exams is a ridiculous behemoth of an exam that covers material from the last 18 months.  How do you study for an exam like that?  You don’t.  You just hope and pray that you remember enough of the right stuff, and then you procrastinate like stink so you feel better about the decision to not study.

But now I have no excuse this weekend.  So what should I study? How about calculating acid base lesions?  Metabolic acidosis?  Is there an ion gap?  Yes, no? YOU BETTER BE CERTAIN!  Or how about flow-volume loops? This patient’s end systolic left ventricular volume is elevated… what does that mean? Oh, and don’t forget about that systolic ejection murmur you heard…  Better yet, this paient has a crusty, vesicular, pustular rash on their genitals… what are you going to do about it?

Um… Nothing?  I want to bake  Christmas goodies and decorate my tree!  That’s what I’m going to do about it.  Too bad no med student ever passed medical school by doing nothing.  Blah.

As if the prospect of spending my LONG weekend studying (or not studying and feeling guilty about it) isn’t bad enough, I had to endure a lovely little gynecologic procedure… on myself… this morning.  Women, I know you’re with me on this one:  Any time you have an appointment that involves someone poking around DOWN THERE… there are no words.

So there was some poking, some discomfort (is that the right word to use?  “There is going to be some discomfort…” Um, you do mean excruciating pain???), the some freezing (but not without a needle first) and then it was finally over.

Now, it isn’t even lunch time, I am blogging with a frozen crotch, and I am NOT studying (like I should be).  And my coffee is gone.  I told you: this is not anything anyone would call “Friday.”

2 thoughts on “The Friday That Feels Like Monday

  1. Well you know Murphy’s law; with an awesome weekend planned out anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.
    So sorry your weekend is ruined. Maybe you can use the throbbing vagina for some sympathy points and have your DH take you out? Or just abuse the moment and have him pamper you. Who knows maybe the weekend will turn around 🙂


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