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Did I mention I was having a bad day?

Remember how I said I had a “little gyneocologic procedure” done this morning?  Well, my freezing is out and I feel like I’ve been punched in the crotch… or that I’ve just given birth… yes, that is a more accurate description.

I just passed the Dr in the hall who did the procedure and she asked how I was doing.  I replied to her with a description similar to that above.  She was concerned: “That is really unusual… can I have another look?”

Back into the stirrups… little light between the legs… second time in one day.

I texted my husband:

Me: D. is looking at my vag again

DH: She can’t get enough, huh? 🙂

Me: It’s really sore and she said it shouldn’t be…

Me: I now have a bilateral vulvar hematoma. Yay.  No sex for a while now.

DH: Ouch!  Why?  Did she hit something? Are you clotting normally? (Really?  you’re asking me about my clotting capacity while my poor vag is throbbing???)

DH: Is she worried about an infection?

Me: Yes, Sort of.

DH: So do you need to go home and ice your vag?

Me: I am currently icing my vag  (nb.  I am sitting in my office chair on a makeshift donut with a bag of ice in the center.  Seriously).

DH: Oh, good.  Can I come and get that leftover sandwich now? (Really? Food?  You are worried about food while my vag is throbbing???)

Me: Can I just give it to you when you come pick me up?

DH: Well, I have to come and visit you and your vag during this trying time…

Thanks.  I love you too.  Did I mention we aren’t having sex for a while?

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