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Fortune Cookie Feast

I love fortune cookies. Not so much for the fortunes, but because I love how they taste. People make fun of me for this because they say that fortune cookies have no taste… I disagree.

I also enjoy getting the fortunes, but sometimes I get fortunes that I wish would come true so badly that they just make me sad to think that it’s not already a reality in my life. As a result, my love for fortune cookies can make my Chinese food experience a little unpredictable.
Today I went to a college meeting where lunch was provided (these are the best kind of college meetings for poor medical students). Instead of the usual pizza or wrap platters, we had Chinese food catered from a very popular restaurant in town. I resisted the urge to indulge and only took one fortune cookie (the message wasn’t too exciting). However, at the end of the meeting, there was so much food left over that we were encouraged to take left-overs. I was only interested in taking extra fortune cookies.

I managed to casually grab five cookies without looking too strange. I walked through the halls of the hospital to my little study area with these cookies overflowing in my hand. I Finally got to my destination and sat down to enjoy my little cache.

So delicious!

The fortunes weren’t too bad either… Some were definitely the motivation I needed to get through this next month of crazy assignments and final exams! I would welcome, with widespread arms, an “unexpected source of help.” Obtaining my goals and receiving praise for my hard work would also be a great bonus! I doubt, however, that I will travel to many exotic places in my lifetime, seeing as how I am still in school, I have two young kids, and a Kilimanjaro-like mountain of debt.

Random acts of kindness? Well I do a lot of those… I think that might be a good post topic for tomorrow’s entry!

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